The 7 best glass cutters in 2019 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide


It may seem like a very basic device. However, the role of a glass cutter is very important. In fact, many people cannot imagine life without it. I mean, how would you cut the glass knowing its hardness and fragility? If you've ever taken the time to look at this accessory, the many types on the market will surprise you.

Some are long and thick, while others are short and thin. They will also vary in terms of weight, color, design, strength, reliability, durability, functionality and more. With so many differences and similarities, finding a good product can be challenging. But with the right information and guidance, you will find the best glass cutter. Jump to the Best glass cutter on Amazon.

List the best reviews of glass cutters in 2019:

7. CRL TOYO Supercutter original: the best glass cutters

CRL TOYO Original Supercutter, metal handle, straight head oil cutter, CR Laurence

With a metal handle, this glass cutter is very sturdy and also feels quite solid. It has a precision ground grinding carbide wheel that offers the finest cuts and requires minimal effort. The unit is suitable for different types of glass and cuts in a perfect way.

It does not leave scratches or splinters and is very quiet. Good performance is reinforced by the included oil systems that automatically dispense the oil during use. It comes in small size to fit small spaces and is lightweight for easy transport.

Why do customers love the best glass cutters?

  • It is made of resistant materials.
  • Cut easily without requiring much effort
  • lasts a long time
  • It is simple to use

6. Red Devil best glass cutters

DIY Red Devil 106370 glass cutter

The Red Devil cutter is suitable for any user, whether professional, amateur or DIY enthusiast. It has a simple design that facilitates its use and is also lightweight. The unit is composed of a sturdy die cast steel wheel x zinc and offers good long-lasting performance.

Thanks to the correct protrusion of the wheel, the cutter can cut in different ways, including straight and round. It feels well built and does not shake or wobble during use. It offers clean cuts by courtesy of the smooth operation such as the cushion, while the good grip on the handle prevents slippage.

Why do customers love the best glass cutters?

  • Very versatile and suitable for different types of glass.
  • Cut accurately with minimal errors
  • It is easy to use even for a newbie
  • It is high quality and affordable.

5. AGPtEK long glass cutter – Glass cutters

AGPtek Long Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Wine Bottle Cutting Machine

If you want good service and high performance, then this glass cutter is ideal. It cuts all kinds of glasses and is among the easiest to operate. Simply place the glass or bottle in the specified location, apply some pressure and turn. Not only do you spend little time, but also the cut is very precise. The cutting edge is made of sturdy metal that will provide lasting service. The unit is tolerant of regular use and will not lose its effectiveness even after working on thousands of glass products.

Why do customers love the best glass cutters?

  • Cut very easily and without problems
  • It requires very little effort
  • It is suitable for different types of glass bottles.
  • The cutter is high quality and affordable.

4. Genround glass bottle cutter – Best glass cutters

Glass bottle cutter, Genround bottle cutting machine Wine bottle glass cutter cutting tool

Cutting glass bottles is easier and safer with this cutting machine. The simple machine works on different types of glass bottles and is very easy to operate. Simply place the bottle as directed, apply some pressure and turn it. Glass Cutter produces good cuts in seconds and produces no noise. The edges do not have splinters or rough edges to improve safety. The cutter cuts both the narrow upper and the lower wider sections. The cutting machine is made of sturdy metal whose sharp edge lasts a long time.
Why do customers love the best glass cutters?

  • Glass Cutter cuts quite fast
  • Using this cutting machine is easy
  • Adjusting the cutter is easy and simple
  • Cut evenly

3. VGCE custom grip supercutter: the best glass cutters

Custom Grip Supercutter - Glass Cutter

This Supercutter makes cutting glass look so easy. Cut different types of glass perfectly while using minimal effort and still provide precise cuts. The VGCE glass cutter comprises a solid construction for the best support and longevity and an easy-to-use handle for easy operation. The durable wheel is made of replaceable carbide steel that is much stronger than other forms of cutting wheels. The custom grip provides the perfect grip of the machine to minimize slippage or movement during use.

Why do customers love the best glass cutters?

  • The handle has an ergonomic and comfortable design.
  • The cutting wheels maintain their edge for a long period.
  • It works very well
  • Control the cutting machine is easy

2. Toyo Pistol Grip Best glass cutters

Toyo pistol grip glass cutter

You should not have difficulty cutting glass or producing poor results. What you need is this Toyo glass cutter. It is suitable for amateurs, DIY enthusiasts, professionals and other users. The Supercutter is famous for its precision that offers fine cuts and solid construction thanks to high quality materials. The carbide steel wheel easily cuts the glass and has a longer life compared to other types of wheels. For the best grip and maximum comfort, the unit has a pistol grip. In addition to better accuracy and control, this design requires minimal effort.

Why do customers love the best glass cutters?

  • The glass cutter is high quality
  • It's easy to use
  • It remains stable throughout the process.
  • It is well priced

1. Creator glass bottle cutting machine: the best glass cutters

DIY creator bottle cutting machine cuts glass wine bottles

Cutting glass bottles is made easier with the Creator’s bottle cutter. Although it seems simple, the machine cuts with precision and with minimal effort. Glass Cutter is suitable for different types of bottles and is among the simplest and easiest cutters on the market. All that is required is a little pressure and turn the bottle. The cutting machine is very quiet and will not leave rough or irregular edges and this increases safety. Cut the upper and lower sections. Thanks to the resistant metal parts, the accessory will provide good service for a long time.

Why do customers love the best glass cutters?

  • The size and weight are good.
  • Using this cutting machine is easy
  • The creator's glass cutter cuts evenly and precisely
  • The cutter is of high quality.

Why do I need a glass cutter?

Having a glass cutter helps you cut glass from anywhere without having to visit a glass cutting shop or call a professional. The correct unit will cut different types of glasses instantly. The practical tool also saves you the time you would visit a store or waste for the expert to arrive at your place. Investing in the tool helps you hone your glass cutting skills, as you can experiment with different techniques. And since you will be the one to do it, the chances of mistakes are much less. The article is essential for anyone dedicated to the manufacture of glass and hobbies that involve the use of glass. Mosaic, sculpture, engraving are some trades that require glass cutter.

Tips for choosing a glass cutter:

The truth is that finding glass cutter is not difficult. You can use the traditional approach of visiting a physical store that stores the accessory or purchases it online. At first glance, all cutters look the same. They have a plastic, wood or metal handle and a metal tip that houses the cutting point. However, the accessories are very different. You will find one that cuts faster, feels more solid or is more comfortable. To have a good product, you must focus on these aspects:

Size: Select a product that fits your hands perfectly. It should not be too long or too short. Testing several types before buying helps you determine the best fit.

Comfortable: You need a device that feels comfortable in your hand. It should have a nice touch and not be too slippery or rough.

Weight: A glass cutter that is too heavy is as bad as the one that feels too light. The wrong weight affects your balance and this can lead to inaccurate cuts.

Material: The accessory must be constructed with reliable and resistant materials. The head is usually made of metal, while the handle is made of metal, sturdy plastic or even wood.

Design: You will find a pencil-type wheel, oil-fed or manual. The type of pencil is thin and comes without embellishment, while the oil-fed cutter features an oil holder.