The 19 best mini freezers in 2019 Comments: a complete guide


Mini freezers are perfect for cooling drinks or freezing food without cramming personal space. Most models also have efficient designs that save people a lot of money in the long term. If you are buying one for your minibar or a man or woman cave, this article is for you. In this review article of the 18 best mini freezers in 2019, we talked about your best available options. Jump to the Amazon's best mini freezer.

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List of the 10 best mini freezers in Customer Reviews on this tip:

19) EdgeStar stainless steel mini freezer

Mini freezers

  • EdgeStar CRF150SS-1 Mini freezers

The EdgeStar convertible refrigerator or mini freezer is another great product that I would recommend to anyone looking for something portable, compact and lightweight. Unlike refrigerators, this freezer easily converts from a 0 degree freezer to a refrigerator for proper comfort. This item comes complete with a lock and two keys and a full-range thermostatic temperature control for proper performance.

Additional reasons why I chose The Mini Mini Freezers:
  • It has a true stainless steel construction with a black cabinet and reversible door for better performance.
  • It has a built-in handle and a modern European-style door for best results.
  • Manual energy saving defrost makes it ideal for daily use.

18. magic Stainless steel mini freezer

3. Magic Chef MCUF3S2 3.0 cu. Foot. Vertical stainless steel freezer

  • By: Magic Chef Stainless steel mini freezer

This is another excellent vertical freezer designed to save space wherever it is used. The product has a robust construction that makes it durable and ideal for all places. Another thing, this vertical freezer has a stainless steel door that makes it durable. The black cabinet improves it and gives it a rough look.

There are wire shelves and a manual defrost function for convenient defrosting of different things. The adjustable thermostat allows convenient temperature control, ensuring you have perfect freezing or defrosting. Another thing, this product has a compact design, so it saves space.

Additional reasons why I chose the best mini freezers:
  • The reversible door makes it convenient
  • There is a comfortable door handle for soft opening and closing.

17. Haier Best Mini Freezers

Haier HC17SF15RB 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator / freezer, Energy Star rating

  • Haier mini freezers

Haier makes his way to the tenth position. There are several reasons why I chose it. For example, intermediate compartments with ice cube trays not only save space, but are also perfect for daily storage of various perishable products. The full-width sliding shelf further increases storage space.

Additional reasons why I chose the best mini freezers:
  • Haier HC17SF15RB 1.7 comes with full-width and half-width storage shelves for the custody of various items and bottles.
  • It has a manual defrost with an adjustable thermostat to ensure that your perishable products are in perfect condition at all times.
  • Mini Freezer features a flat-backed design that saves space and ensures you save space in your home.

16. Supernon Galanz compact mini freezer

Mini freezer

  • By: Supernon Mini Freezers

People with limited home space demand compact refrigerators like Supernon Galanz. Whether your kitchen is small or you serve cold drinks from your bar frequently, you will enjoy using this 17 cubic foot refrigerator. Its 17.48 × 19.09 × 19.49 inch design does not saturate the space in homes. Supernon Mini Freezer also has a contemporary perspective (black) with stable feet and levelers. In your office, apartment or game room, therefore, you can configure it on uneven floors without problems.

Supernon Galanz has a flush download design that saves space. In a corner or countertop of your office or kitchen, you can set it near the wall to save space. Its adjustable thermostat control maintains an optimum temperature for food preservation, while its DOE / UL approved design is safe for use in homes. The R600a refrigerant you use does not release toxic gases while in use.

  • Spacious interior (17 cubic feet)
  • Design approved by the DOE and UL
  • Stable leveling feet (two)
  • Small size (17.48 × 19.09 × 19.49 inches)
  • Striking black theme
  • Shaky side shelves.

15. Mini refrigerator HOmeLabs – Mini freezers

Mini freezer

  • By: hOmeLabs Mini Freezers

HOmeLabs, although compact, is a reliable one-door refrigerator with 3.3 cubic feet of space. While this is insufficient for people with large families, it is perfect for students in dormitories. People with small kitchens and those who buy mini refrigerators for RVs also benefit from this refrigerator. The HOmeLabs mini freezer has an 18.5x17x33.5 inch design that does not saturate personal space.

Mini Freezer also has an adjustable temperature (maximum, average and minimum) and an elegant black-themed design that blends well with homes. Left in the open, HOmeLabs will not create a monstrosity in your living room as some traditional cheap ones often do. Although compact, HOmeLabs is a well-organized mini refrigerator that accommodates most types of food. You can store meat and vegetables in it. You also get three removable glass shelves for small cans and a spacious main compartment that can accommodate a liter of soda.

  • Mini space-saving design
  • Adjustable temperature (max, med and min)
  • Striking black finish
  • Removable glass shelves (three)
  • Removable Drain Tray
  • Its elegant finish is easily scratched.

14. SPT Mini Freezer Energy Star Vertical Freezer

Mini freezer

  • By: SPT Mini Freezers

Are you looking for a mini fridge that saves space and offers ample storage space for frozen food and drinks? SPT UF-304W is an elegant vertical (white) model with a myriad of unique features that you will love. SPT Mini Freezer is an exclusive built-in download design, for example, it works well in small spaces. In your kitchen or bedroom, you can place it flush on the wall to save valuable space. It also has a large single door lock design to prevent unauthorized use while outside.

Installed in an office; therefore, you don't have to worry about your colleagues accessing things without your permission. SPT UF-304W comes with three removable baskets (two at the top and one at the bottom) for storing food. You can use them to separate different types of food in the refrigerator to avoid mixing flavors. When there is dirt, you can also remove and clean them in a sink. In total, SPT UF-304W has 3.0 cubic feet of space, which is enough for most people.

  • Good net capacity (3.0 cubic feet)
  • Large removable baskets (three)
  • Adjustable thermostat (mechanical)
  • Flush design saves space
  • It has fragile plastic ornaments.

13. RCA 1.6 cubic foot mini freezers

Mini freezer

  • By: RCA Mini Freezers

The RCA 1.6 cubic foot refrigerator works perfectly in tight spaces. In addition, if you cannot afford one of the large independent refrigerators available online, it is also a good option. Like the SPT UF-304W and HOmeLabs mini refrigerators that we reviewed in this document, their built-in design is very convenient. During installation, you can configure it as close as possible to the wall to save valuable space. Its white theme is elegant, while the advanced compressor cooling technology it uses is invaluable.

The system is silent. Install in your room; therefore, RCA will not interrupt sleep as some great do. The system also works well in commercial areas such as offices and hotels. Although compact, this RCA fridge has ample storage space for most food / drinks. The RCA mini freezer is the door basket, for example, it can fit and cool a two-liter soda bottle. You also get an ice cube chamber with a solid tray to serve ice cubes while you entertain yourself at home.

  • Silent compressor cooling
  • It has an adjustable thermostat
  • Built-in freezer saves space
  • Left and right opening door
  • It lacks harmful chemicals such as CFC
  • It hums as it ages.

12. SPT mini freezer

Mini freezers

  • By: SPT Mini Freezers

Vertical stainless steel freezers like SPT UF-304SS are not only elegant but also work very well in small spaces. If you need a mini fridge for drinks and / or home-packaged foods, this is a suitable model. Fully stocked, you can store up to 3.0 cubic feet of food and drinks. As such, considering that it only occupies 21.1 × 19.4x 33.8 inches of space, most people can benefit from one. To save energy while keeping your drinks cold and foods well preserved, SPT will also serve you well.

Rated Energy Star, this freezer does not use as much energy as some similar refrigerators. You can leave it on all day for weeks and enjoy significant energy savings at the same time. SPT UF-304SS has three removable baskets to secure food or drinks and a mechanical thermostat to optimize its temperature. Depending on the food you have, you can make it cold or frozen.

  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Adjustable thermostat with manual defrost.
  • Spacious interior (3.0 cubic feet)
  • Built-in freezer saves space
  • The material is easily dented.

11. EdgeStar Mini freezer with lock

Mini freezers

  • By: EdgeStar Mini Freezers

Although designed for medical professionals, EdgeStar CMF151L-1 is a universal freezer that works perfectly in all environments. Whether you have a medication that needs to cool down or you want a compact refrigerator that works well, it is an excellent choice. Its independent design is ready to use. To cool food or keep your drinks, all you have to do is plug it into a compatible outlet. The Mini FreezerEnergy star rating system saves energy over time.

The EdgeStar Mini Freezer also has an adjustable thermostat that you can use to set your internal temperature up to -20oC. EdgeStar CMF151L-1 has a front door with lock. If you have expensive wine at home or sensitive medical supplies in your clinic, you can safely lock them up. Its European-style door, on the other hand, has a recessed handle that facilitates opening or closing. Finally, like the vertical freezer SPT UF-304SS, EdgeStar CMF151L-1 has an UL-approved design with a manual energy-saving defrost technology.

  • Lockable refrigerator door
  • UL approved mini freezer
  • Adjustable thermostat (-20oC)
  • Independent luxury design
  • Temperature fluctuations reported.

10. Vertical freezer SPT UF-114SS

Mini freezers

  • By: SPT Mini Freezers

The vertical design of the SPT UF-114SS measures only 18.5 × 17.52 × 19.72 inches. If you have drinks / foods that need refrigeration, but your home cannot accommodate a large refrigerator, use this one. Made of stainless steel, you will receive a durable refrigerator that is also elegant. The material is rustproof and has a surface with a smooth finish that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Under its durable housing, this freezer has approximately 1.1 cubic feet of storage space. You can place some soda bottles without running out of space.

SPT Mini Freezer is also wide enough to fit packaged foods, such as bacon slices and sausages, or even frozen fruits. Finally, when you are out, you can easily block this freezer to prevent children / colleagues from accessing your things. Your thermostat has a wide temperature range and manual defrosting technology to eliminate ice accumulation quickly.

  • Durable stainless steel freezer
  • Modest storage space (1.1 cubic feet)
  • The fridge has a lockable front door
  • Vertical space-saving design
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • The door seal drips over time.

9. BLACK + DECKER Mini freezer compact refrigerator

Mini freezers

  • By: BLACK + DECKER Mini Freezers

Renowned for their quality, the Black and Decker mini refrigerators such as BCRK25B offer people good value for money. To have a spacious fridge that will also improve the perspective of your home, buy one today. BLACK + DECKER Mini Freezer is the dark black theme that looks good. Installed in your kitchen or cave man; It will not look out of place. Its reversible single-door design opens for easy storage and access to food and beverages.

The door also has leak-proof seals that maintain a stable indoor temperature and full-width storage shelves for large bottles. If necessary, you can place a 2-liter soda bottle on this shelf without affecting the stability of this refrigerator. Other notable features are its full-width freezer compartment, leveling feet and guarantees on its compressor (2 years) and its parts (1 year). Feel free to order one now.

  • Stable leveling feet
  • Energy Star rating system
  • Full width freezer compartment
  • Glass shelves (full width)
  • Factory Limited Warranties
  • Dents and scratches easily.

8. BLACK + DECKER Mini Freezer

Mini freezers

  • By: BLACK + DECKER Mini Freezers

BLACK + DECKER BCRK17B is a space-saving fridge with a full-width freezer compartment. To keep small amounts of meat for a long time or make ice for your cold drinks at home, buy this refrigerator. Its spacious interior, for example, has two full-length shelves that you can use to store most of the food in the home. These include spreads, such as mayonnaise and a small can of 500 ml soda.

The BLACK + DECKER mini freezer also has two door-mounted compartments to store larger bottles of soda or wine if you drink. The unique structure of BLACK + DECKER BCRK17B is one of the best for homes. Although it is spacious, it occupies a small floor and counter space at home. It also has a beautiful black theme, an adjustable thermostat and an Energy Star certified system with guarantees both in its parts and in its workmanship.

  • Multiple functional compartments.
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Energy Star certified design
  • It adapts and preserves most foods.
  • Guarantees in its parts and labor.
  • It generates a slight hum.

7. Danby Mini Freezer Classic Compact Refrigerator

Mini freezers

  • By: Danby Mini Freezers

The only difference between Danby DAR017A3BDB and full-size refrigerators is their size. Otherwise, for a fraction of the cost of full-size ones, you get a quality refrigerator that offers value. If you can live with a 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator at home, you will like the functionality of this model. Its Energy Star-compatible design, for example, offers users significant cost savings. You can use Danby DAR017A3BDB Classic in homes and offices without worrying about paying large electricity bills.

In addition, in addition to its spacious main compartment, it has large storage shelves at your door, which fit most large bottles. Danby DAR017A3BDB is a long-lasting refrigerator. Mini Freezer is a housing, a compressor and an electrical system of first quality that offers its users years of excellent service. It also has a scratch-resistant countertop that you can use to prepare your ingredients while cooking.

  • Scratch resistant countertop
  • Energy Star compatible processor
  • Bright interior light (LED)
  • Functional storage shelves
  • Striking black theme
  • Temperature fluctuations reported.

6. Whynter CUF-210SS Energy Star vertical freezer

The best mini freezers

  • By: Whynter Mini Freezers

In this review of the best mini freezers in 2019, Whynter CUF-210SS tops our list. Like most of the best window air conditioners it has produced over the years, its functionality is impressive. Whynter Mini Freezer is a compressor cooling technology, for example, it has a noise level of less than 45 decibels. It also has a low power design, which maintains a constant temperature while in use.

The risk of your food deteriorating due to temperature fluctuations, therefore, is very low. Whynter CUF-210SS stainless steel design is durable, eye-catching and has a spacious interior of 2.1 cubic feet with large compartments. Whynter Mini Freezer is quality is amazing. Go to the best wine cooler

  • Elegant stainless steel refrigerator
  • Spacious interior (2.1 cubic feet)
  • Silent compressor (<45 decibels)
  • Efficient compressor cooling
  • Bad customer service.

5. Mini freezer RCA Mini refrigerator IGLOO

The best mini freezers

  • By: RCA Mini Freezers

With an interior of 3.2 cubic feet, RCA RFR321-FR320 / 8 IGLOO is one of the largest mini freezers on this list. However, the fact that it sits in just 20x18x 32 inches of space is beneficial for people with small houses / offices. The flat back design of the RCA mini freezer fits perfectly to the walls. RCA RFR321-FR320 / 8 also has an efficient compressor-cooled design with a freezer compartment, can dispenser and tempered glass sliding shelves. Mini Freezer also has leveling legs that secure it well on the floors.

  • Spacious interior (32 cubic feet)
  • Efficient compressor-cooled system
  • Built-in space-saving refrigerator
  • Tempered glass shelves (sliding)
  • Functional freezer compartment
  • It has a can dispenser (built-in)
  • Scratches, scratches and dents easily.

4. Midea Upright Frieza 3.0 cubic feet

1. Midea WHS-109FW1 vertical freezer

  • By: Midea Mini Freezers

This is a compact vertical freezer designed to offer first class performance. The product has an ultra grade construction that makes it extremely durable and durable. It has an excellent mechanical temperature adjustment capability from -11.2 & # 39; to 8.6 & # 39; F. This range makes it perfect for freezing different products and foods.

The reversible door opens from both sides, saving space. In addition, the large cabinet design makes it ideal for holding different products. The door comes with a nice soft grip handle for convenient opening. In addition, the product comes with a removable wire drawer and two fixed shelves for convenient storage and an ideal classification of different items. The main compartment features conical walls for excellent performance and durability.

More reasons why it is a good buy:
  • It offers a one year warranty.
  • The energy saving design makes it quite economical.

3. Danby Mini Freezer 8.5 cubic feet

2. Danby DUFM085A2WDD1 Vertical freezer

  • By: Danby Mini Freezers

This is another amazing vertical freezer designed to save space in your home. It has a vertical design for maximum space savings in your home. Another thing, the attractive white color adds to its unique characteristics and complements the decoration of your home. It also has enough storage space for many items; This ensures that all perishable items are kept fresh for longer. Another thing, this product has a large 8.5 cubic feet so it is perfect for most homes.

The three fast freezing shelves improve the product and offer a more natural arrangement of the products. In addition, there are four-door containers to place other perishable products. The reversible swing door makes the freezer better and saves space. The door comes with a convenient handle for a more natural opening. In addition, the product has a smooth design on the back for easy placement against the wall.

Additional reasons why I chose Best Mini Freezer:
  • It adapts everywhere thanks to its unique design.
  • You get a lifetime warranty after purchase.

2. Midea mini freezer door refrigerator

Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact one-door reversible refrigerator, 1.6 cubic feet (0.045 cubic meters)

  • Midea Mini Refrigerators Door Refrigerator

In the third position, we have Midea once again making a comeback. With a mechanical temperature setting with a range of -2 to 2 degrees Celsius, this is a great mini freezer for any home. Large storage areas offer excellent cooling areas for beverages, as well as other perishable foods and products.

Adjustable legs and a reversible door offer adequate convenience to ensure you get adequate results. The reversible door left or right offers adequate convenience when picking up items.

Reasons why I chose The Best Mini Freezers:
  • It comes with a 2 year warranty on the compressor and a 1 year warranty on the complete kit.
  • The internal walls of the main compartments are sharpened back for better performance.

1. Whynter Mini Freezer

The best mini freezers

  • By: Whynter Mini Freezers

Nothing is as satisfying as having a quiet and efficient mini fridge in the home. The reliable design of Whynter CUF-110B, for example, has improved the way people cool drinks and / or preserve food at home. Its independent design measures only 17.7 × 18.5 × 19.5 inches. You can set it up in your room, a kitchen countertop and in a recreational vehicle with ease.

Its reversible door opens for easy access, while its silent compressor (<42dB) offers good results in most configurations. Install in your rooms; For example, it won't interrupt your sleep at night. You will also work with peace of mind if you have one in your office. Whynter CUF-110B has a beautiful black cabinet and mechanical controls that you can use to adjust your internal temperature between -10-20F.

  • Silent Compressor (<42dB)
  • Striking black cabinet
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Comfortably recessed handle
  • Independent compact refrigerator
  • Prone to dents and scratches.

What is the smallest freezer available?

Sunpentown UF-304W 3.0 cu. ft freezer, Danby DUF408WE 4.2 cu. ft freezer, Sunpentown UF-150SS 1.1 cu. freezer feet, vertical freezer Danby DUFM032A1WDB 3.2 cubic feet and Midea WHS-109FW1 3.0 Cu.

Ft freezer: all are counted as the best and reliable freezer purchase options available to you. These mini freezers also offer adjustable temperature mechanical control settings. People prefer to buy them because they are full of large storage areas and sections.

The best part of these small and small freezers is that they offer excellent cooling properties. You can keep the maximum amount of snacks and healthy drinks in these mini freezers.

Some of the models cannot be used to make ice cubes or to store frozen food in these small and small freezers. People should buy that small and small freezer that has adjustable legs, as well as the reversible door option.

What is the best mini freezer?

Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star1.1 cubic feet freezer, Whynter 210SS 2.1 cubic feet freezer, EdgeStar Convertible 1.1 cubic feet mini freezer, Magic Chef Upright mini freezer, you can buy any of them. Mini freezers usually and usually come with a half-width freezer compartment and also have an ice cube tray.

The presence of the full-width sliding wire shelf, as well as the half-width door storage shelf, these features make all versions of mini freezers quite popular. In such freezers, you are free to store and keep 2 liters of bottles.

With its manual defrost settings and adjustable thermostat settings, the recessed door handle makes your demand the highest of all. The brands that make the best mini freezers ensure that all their models have a Flatback design that saves space.

How much does a small freezer cost?

If you have a freezer chest of a size less than about 16.5 cubic feet, it will cost you approximately $ 53 per year. It means that the total energy you will consume will be 404 kilowatt hours per year or you can say 34 kilowatt hours per month. In addition, your monthly costs will be $ 4 per month.

People prefer to buy a small freezer or a large freezer because they manage to keep the cold in them for hours and hours. For students living in shelters or if they have a small apartment, buying a mini freezer is a good decision.

All your snacks, frozen foods, ice cubes and drinks can be placed and stored in a small mini freezer. He prefers to buy that model that does not consume much of the energy and at the same time does not take his electricity bill to high and high levels.

What is the smallest chest freezer?

Los congeladores de cofre más pequeños generalmente están marcados como opciones de diseño que ahorran espacio. Puede llamarlos como mini versiones portátiles y verticales de congelador. Es para sus zonas de cocina, son una opción ideal.

El tamaño y las dimensiones aproximadas del congelador de arcón más pequeño son 17.5 W x 18.6 D x 19.6 H pulgadas. Sin embargo, tienen un cuerpo pequeño, aún así, ofrecen usos multipropósito. En tales congeladores, puede almacenar y conservar pescado y también todo tipo de alimentos congelados.

La parte de revestimiento de estos congeladores de cofre está hecha de material de grado alimenticio para que su contenido alimenticio pueda permanecer saludable y seguro. Hay un rango de tamaño de hasta 1.1 pies cúbicos que estos congeladores verticales están disponibles.

La presencia de la perilla de control de temperatura de 7 grados, el exterior elegante, la puerta reversible de acero inoxidable y el diseño de patas horizontales hacen que su demanda siempre sea mayor día a día.


Los 13 mejores mini congeladores en este artículo ofrecen suficiente espacio de almacenamiento para bebidas, productos para untar y alimentos envasados. Son duraderos, eficientes y tienen una huella pequeña.

Currently not available.

18. Mini congeladores de puerta doble reversible Midea

Mini Congeladores

Currently not available.

  • Mini Congeladores Midea

Midea es otro mini congelador increíble cuyo rendimiento sigue siendo de primer nivel. Los rangos de temperatura ajustables que son ideales para el mantenimiento adecuado de todos los artículos perecederos aseguran que todo esté en óptimas condiciones. Y sí, los compartimentos aseguran que tenga almacenamiento para todos los artículos.

Additional characteristics:

  • Cuenta con patas ajustables y una puerta convenientemente reversible que se abre de izquierda a derecha.
  • Tiene una luz interior que garantiza que todo sea visible desde la distancia, lo que hace que la elección de cualquier artículo sea perfecta.

16. Igloo Mini Freezer 1.1 cu. foot

Mini Congeladores

Currently not available.

  • Mini Congeladores Igloo

Con una distancia vertical de 1.1 pies cúbicos, este es un mini congelador perfecto para espacios pequeños. El diseño lo hace perfecto para aquellas casas donde el espacio es un lujo. Y sí, el control de temperatura ajustable garantiza que su alimento se mantenga en óptimas condiciones, independientemente de su naturaleza. Tiene patas niveladoras que facilitan el almacenamiento y el acceso a los artículos.

Additional characteristics:

  • Viene con una puerta reversible que ofrece suficiente comodidad para que pueda trabajar cómodamente.
  • Tiene estantes de ancho completo que facilitan el almacenamiento de varios artículos.